Tour de Fleece


As the cyclists were riding toward Paris in the Tour de France, spinners around the world were challenging themselves toward individual spinning goals.  My goal was 15 minutes per day, but I think I beat that by quite a bit.  I completed two skeins of pure angora yarn from my bunny, Opal.  I made one skein of green mystery fiber.  (I bought a batt at a spinning guild meeting back in Connecticut a while ago and I didn’t write down what it was.)  Finally, I started spinning a blend of silk and yak that I got at Port Fiber in Portland, Maine.  It is so beautiful and it spins up like butter.

This is probably the most spinning I’ve ever done.  It’s inspired me to keep spinning and keep experimenting with other fibers.  Port Fiber is starting a Maine Fiber Club.  In August we will be learning about spinning Romney sheep.

IMG_4019  IMG_4055IMG_4032IMG_4016

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