Forest Fiesta

Goal #1 check!  I finally finished the Forest Fiesta from Knit Swirl

This is the second “swirl” that I’ve made from this book. 

I started this one back in the winter and worked on it throughout travel volleyball season. I’d sit and watch the girls play while I knit happily along. 1835 yards of Noro Silk Garden Lite later I have this beauty. 

Swirls have a very unusual construction. When you finish the knitting, it looks like this. 

It took several days to dry in this humidity. 

Then I seamed up the back and the arms in one big long seam. 

I used an invisible seam and it came out great.   Just make sure when you seam your knits that you do it with the right side facing you so you can be sure you like how it’s coming out with each stitch. 

I tried it on really quickly then had to take it off. It’s way too hot for me. 

Have you ever made a swirl?

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4 Responses to Forest Fiesta

  1. Leonor says:

    What an interesting composition, I’d never seen cardigan construction quite like that!


  2. Susan L says:

    Fascinating to see the photos of the process. I imagine it was quite fun to make with the Noro. Pretty!


  3. I have not done a Swirl yet but I love the way they look. I’m going to put that book on my wishlist! Yours looks beautiful!


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