Staycation fiber goals

Today is the first day of my staycation. I have the week off of work, and I’m planning on sticking around home or doing local day trips. Fortunately, I live in “vacationland” so there are lots of great things to do here. 

I have a lot of fibery goals for the week. 

  1. Finish my Forest Fiesta from Knit Swirl
  2. Finish my sweater surgery. 
  3. Start to make some real progress on my Lesley from Hannah Fettig in Home & Away. 
  4. Build my bunny cage. 
  5. Learn to Spin Romney with the Maine Fiber Club
  6. Finish spinning the Silk/Yak blend that I got at Port Fiber. 
  7. Start to experiment with natural dyeing. 

Maybe I won’t get too many day trips in after all…

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