Progress for today

I didn’t complete anything today, but made assorted progress on a bunch of items. We took a trip to York’s Wild Kingdom today. A small zoo/amusement park here in Maine. We haven’t lived here too long, so we are still working our way through the tourist things to do. Our favorite thing there was visiting the baby deer.  

I kept looking at the coats on the animals and wondering if I could spin any of them. The closest thing was probably the lamas. 

We also made some progress on the new, bigger bunny cage for Opal

I got my sweater waist band ripped out, picked up the stitches for the main pattern, got them situated back on the needles the right way, and marked the pattern repeats.

For car knitting, I made progress on Hannah Fettig’s Lesley sweater.  I’m doing this as part of the Woolful KAL

Ended the day with this pretty sunset and some Netflixing Supernatural season 6. 


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  1. marymoury says:

    Home and Away and Supernatural? Sounds like a lovely match. Maybe even one made in heaven. Oh wait…

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