End of Staycation

Well, I made some pretty good progress on my fiber goals this week.  I’ll be back to work tomorrow.

  1. Finish my Forest Fiesta from Knit Swirl.    Done!
  2. Finish my sweater surgery.  – Well, I guess the surgery part is done, now I’m just finishing knitting the sweater.  Watch for more posts on this later.
  3. Start to make some real progress on my Lesley from Hannah Fettig in Home & Away.   I’m through 2 of my six skeins, so I guess that is real progress.
  4. Build my bunny cage. – Still a work in progress.  😦
  5. Learn to Spin Romney with the Maine Fiber Club I’ve got one skein done.  I bought another 2 ounces to try some more.
  6. Finish spinning the Silk/Yak blend that I got at Port Fiber. I got one skein done and it’s beautiful.  Probably one or two more skeins to go.
  7. Start to experiment with natural dyeing.  I had so much fun doing this.  I’ll post some details later.

It’s going to be tough to transition back to my day job after having all this time to knit, spin, and dye.

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