Fun Friday Night

After a busy first week back at work, I had a great Friday night.  We drove up to the mid-coast of Maine.  First stop, of course, was Halcyon Yarn.  I picked up an extra bobbin for my wheel and some fun new dyeing material to try.

On the drive up, I was able to finish the sweater that I lengthened!  If you recall, I pulled out the waist band and the cuffs to add some length.  2 inches to the sleeves and 3 inches to the body.  It was terrifying to cut into it.  The hardest part was picking up the stitches in the right order and figuring out where I was in the many pattern repeats.  Luckily I was able to find my notes from the first time around, and they were pretty accurate.  I even got the ends woven in so that my husband could model it on the coast with a lighthouse way in the background.  My other posts on this sweater surgery process are here and here  and here.


Here are some better shots of the lighthouses we saw.  I forgot to bring my nice camera, so these are just iPhone shots.

First we went to The Cuckolds Light.


Then on to Hendricks Head Light.


Neither of these were lights we could get very close to, so it would have been better to have my real camera with us.

Before visiting the lighthouses, though, we stopped for dinner at Boothbay Craft Brewery.  It was really yummy.


Then on the drive home, I got to make some more progress on my Lesley!  Woolful’s Home and Away Knit Along inspired me to start on this earlier than I probably would have.  I’m making it out of Quince & Co. Osprey.  It’s been a while since I’ve used yarn this thick and it is just flying!


All in all it was just about a perfect Friday night.  All of my favorite things in one evening!

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  1. etcher101 says:

    I love the cable knit sweater!! I can cable just about anything but after 20 years of knitting…I still can’t make a sweater that’s wearable in public…


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