Assorted fibery topics

I’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that when it comes to fiber. 

I finished spinning up some beautiful silk/yak from Port Fiber here in Portland, Maine. 

It’s so soft. I want to make something like a cowl with it to keep it close to my skin. 

I also finally dove into my master knitter work and put needles to yarn instead of just researching. Here is my first swatch before blocking. 

Is anyone else working on the master knitter certification now, or have you already completed it?  Any advice would be appreciated. 

I’m continuing to make my first combed top to spin out of Coopworth for the September Maine Fiber Club. I’ll post pictures when I have it spun up. Making combed top is very satisfying, but slow work. My Knitter’s Book of Wool says Coopworth and other long wools are good for “rugged outerwear.” I don’t often knit rugged outerwear.   Any suggestions what to knit out of 4 oz of Coopworth?  I’m thinking about combing all the different yarns I’m making with this club and making a eccentric cloak of some sort. 

Finally, I’m down to the last sleeve on my Lesley sweater. Can’t wait to get that completed. 

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