It’s been a while since I’ve shared my projects with you. I started a new job recently, which is great, but it has been cutting into my blogging/crafting time. I did manage to keep with with Stephen West’s mystery knit-along, The Doodler, in November though. My knitting was very monogamous last month!  

I got lucky and got one of the original color ways from Amsterdam for this. The multi-color is unique just for this MKAL. 

In the first clue, I carried color B up through the i-cord instead of breaking it after each wedge. It made for many less ends to weave in and it hid itself pretty well. I just crossed it with color A at the beginning of every row. 

It was different from any MKAL that I’ve done so far, in that clue 1 was the largest and most time consuming. 

I also loved how Stephen got us the clues a bit early each week. 

The giant cable in clue 2 was not my favorite. I had a hard time crossing some of those larger ones. 

For clue 3, I only included 3 wedges, instead of the 4, because I did the math and it seemed like I might run out if I added that 4th wedge. 

I opted for option C in clue 4. I liked the little details on the edging. 


And all done and cozy…

This thing is huge!

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