Spinning Gotland

The December fiber from the Maine Fiber Club was Gotland, from my own hometown of Windham, Maine.

Casey describes Gotland like this in her Etsy shop:

This Gotland is from The Gray Sheep in Windham, Maine. Gotland is a medium­-fine grade wool, but is often more comfortable as next-­to­-the­-skin garments than other wools with the same fiber diameters. It ranges in fineness from 18 microns (lambs) to 34 microns. The staple length of this fleece is around 3 inches. The predominant fleece colors are a range of greys, though there are some black, white, and brown fleeces as well. Locks are lustrous with a wavy crimp and they feel soft and silky.

I loved spinning these locks.  I hand carded them, and they spun up so nice and easy.

Then I took a little field trip to meet the lovely sheep that provided their fleece (and the nice people who take care of them).  Since they were so close to us, we contacted The Gray Sheep and then paid them a visit.

I just wanted to run my fingers through all those lovely locks!

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  1. michele says:

    Looks like velvet.


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