Podcasts and an Exciting Announcement

I often listen to knitting podcasts while I’m driving.  Some of my favorites include the Knitmore Girl’s, Woolful, The KnitGirllls, and Craftlit.  These all have their own focus, but they all leave me feeling motivated to grab my needles as soon as I get where I have been driving to.

The Knitmore Girls are a multi-generational knitting production.  Mother and daughter team (Jasmine and Gigi) share a number of tips and interesting stories about lessons they have learned over time.  Sometimes Jasmine’s kids get in on the podcasting action as well. It is really cute and very enabling!

In Woolful, Ashley talks with various fiber-folk in the industry.  Sharing stories of their journey and helping inspire me to get into the industry.

The KnitGirllls are Laura and Leslie.  They product a video podcast, which makes it harder to listen and drive, but it is very helpful in visualizing what they are creating.

Craftlit is unique in that it is both crafting and books (“for knitters who love books.”)  Heather will discuss her crafty adventures, and then play us a chapter from a book in the public domain.  The key is that she helps explain the words and phrases used in older books to help translate them for those of use who didn’t major in English in college.

My exciting announcement is that my friend, Julie, and I have decided to create our own podcast!  It’s called Maine Yarn.  We will podcast from here in Maine and talk about all our knitting adventures.  It will be influenced by all the things I love in other podcasts, while having our own style.  The first episode is up on Podcast Garden now, while it is pending on iTunes.  I’ll update this post when iTunes posts it as well.  The link and the show-notes are on the Maine Yarn tab of my blog.


Edited to add working iTunes link.  🙂

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  1. michele says:

    Great! Good luck and I look forward to listening!

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  2. Kim says:

    Awesome! Always interested in your projects. You should do a KAL

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