Ann Budd!

Yesterday I took an amazing class taught by Ann Budd at KnitWit in Portland.  She showed us a flexible design for “pleated” knit skirts.  We measured ourselves and picked out the yarn.  Then the swatching began.  A good portion of the class was swatching and chatting.  We had a great time getting to know one another.  It makes me so happy to be with a group of knitters.  It’s like we are long lost friends coming together for a reunion.  The other ladies were so nice.


I picked Quince and Co. Phoebe.  It’s 100% American extra-fine merino in a DK weight.  It’s so soft and has a really subtle variegation to it.  The DK weight makes me look like a super-speedy knitter, when most others choose sock weight yarns.  Mine is in the Pluto colorway in the picture above.  It’s mostly grey, but has a subtle purple to it also.

After we finished our swatching, we measured our gauge and started doing some math.  Combining your gauge with your measurements, you can really make anything.  Ann had put together the formulas for us, so we just really needed to fill in the blanks, but it helped reinforce the limitlessness of this craft for me.

At the end of the class Ann gave Julie and I some goodies to give away on our podcast!  So, be sure you are subscribed to our podcast on iTunes.  Then you will get in on the giveaway right away.  As of now, we are scheduled to record our next podcast on September 7.


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