Book Review: Cozy Fashion Accents

Cozy Fashion Accents
By Becky Stevens
Published by Leisure Arts, Inc., Maumelle, Arkansas, 2016
32 pages
ISBN 978-1464743696
$9.99 US / $11.99 Canada

This is a pattern book that contains 10 sets of accessories.  Each set includes boot cuffs, ear warmers, and a scarf in the same stitch pattern.  This would be a great book to use for quick Christmas gifts.  You could knit just one piece, or a whole set for a larger gift.  (Plus if you only finish one or two of the pieces, they will never know they are missing a piece of their gift.  Unlike if you were to knit a sweater and present it to them without the sleeves because you ran out of time!)

All the patterns are categorized as “easy” on a scale of beginner, easy, intermediate and experienced.  The Arching Cables set is listed as “easy+”, but I can’t tell why they are listing it as a bit harder than the Serpentine Cables set.  I would agree with the difficultly in general.  I think these would be a great place to start for the beginner knitter who is ready to graduate from simple stockinette or garter accessories and start adding some patterning.

Various techniques that you need to use are also included on a website.  Everything from placing marker to changing colors to cabling are included.  The website is organized by project set, with links to each technique you will need.  In addition, the back of the book contains some basic easy to read general instructions.  However, it does not contain any instructions on how to knit or purl, so this isn’t your first book to pick up when learning to knit.

The patterns themselves are all well written with plenty of white space to make it easy to look at and take notes in.  The pictures of each project offer good views of what the finished products will look like and how to wear them.

The pattern pages only refer to the weight of the yarn that is required, but there is a section in the back that lists out the yarns used in the samples.  The samples were all knit out of various Lion Brand or Red Heart yarns.  These are all very economical choices, making this again a great place to start for gifts or the knitter just ready to make the jump out of the beginner category.

The book is softcover and it lays open easily with a simple stapled binding.

I would recommend this book for quick cute gift knitting and for the beginner knitter who is ready to move up to their next level challenge.

DIY Fashion Accents

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