Getting Organized

As I’ve been getting more into sewing, my “sewing-stuff” has been growing. I found I was spending more and more of my precious crafting time just looking for the stuff I needed and not actually creating. So, I decided it was time to get organized.

I went out and bought a box and a label maker. The box was the Creative Options Grab N Go Rack System. This nifty little box has 4 pull out drawers that subdivide into sections, and a bigger area at the top for stuff that you need close or that just doesn’t fit into the smaller areas.


My original plan was to get my presser-feet organized and labeled primarily, but I found that I also had plenty of room for other stuff too.

The label maker that I used was the Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker. I like this one a lot better than my older one, because it connects to my phone via bluetooth and I can create the labels right on my phone. Much easier to type out what I want to say, and preview the size it will be.

This just makes me so happy to be organized!


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3 Responses to Getting Organized

  1. Claire Berg says:

    Total envy. Have been wanting to organize my sewing stuff for years but just have never done it! Congrats!


  2. erasergirl says:

    this is really strange…just picked up a similar tackle box on a curb and it hadn’t occured to me to put my machine accessories in it. guess that’s what i am doing today!


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