Tech Editing

Who needs a tech editor?  Anyone designing patterns for sale.

What does a tech editor do?  Services may vary between tech editors, but as your tech editor, I will:

  • Review your pattern for read-ability and internal consistency
  • Ensure your pattern follows your style guide, if applicable
  • Check all your math and numbers
  • Provide feedback on any confusing or incorrect pieces of the pattern

How much does it cost?  I charge by the hour.  My rate is $40 per hour.  The time it takes will vary by the complexity of the project.  Simple accessories are probably 0.5 – 1 hour.  Complex garments could be 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the pattern and the number of sizes that need to be reviewed.

What is the turn around time? I will turn your pattern back around to you generally in a week or less.  I will limit my projects to ensure that once you submit I will get it back to you in a timely fashion.

Why should you choose me?  I am a math person who loves knitting.  I’ve been knitting for many years and I’ve seen patterns that were pleasant to knit from and some that needed help.  In my day job I’m an actuary.  That means that I got my bachelors degree in math, then spent many many years after that taking more math exams to get my actuarial certification.  During the day, I manage a team of professionals who use extremely complex spreadsheets to project financial statements.  So I’m very comfortable around numbers and spreadsheets.  I love the creative side of knitting as a diversion from my finance day job.  Tech editing allows me to combine my love with my skills.  I’ve taken a class in tech editing to ensure that I know what to look for.  I’ve also done some sample and test knitting.  In addition I’ve passed the first level of the TKGA Master Knitter program.  I’m currently working on level 2.

What types of designs do I specialize in?  Lace, cables or anything more basic like stockinette or ribbing.  I can work with shawls, sweaters, or various accessories.  I’d prefer not to edit sock patterns for now, as I don’t have as much experience knitting them.

How do we get started?  Just fill out the form below and we can chat!  I’m looking forward to seeing your designs!

Sorry – I’m not currently taking on any new clients.  

“It was such a pleasure working with you, Jenn! I appreciated the painless process and your attention to detail. The final edit was exactly what I was looking for – I’d love to work with you again!” – Marie Greene, designer

“Jennifer did a wonderful job tech-editing my first professional knitting pattern! She had very useful advice on how to correct and improve my pattern, and she was also prompt and professional in all our correspondence. I will be using her services again to edit my next pattern.”  – Angela Funk, designer